What is Code the Dream?

Code the Dream is a nonprofit program based in Durham, NC. We offer free coding classes for those seeking a way to enter the tech sector as software developers and engineers. We realize college courses, coding boot camps,  and code schools are not accessible to everyone, so we offer an alternative.  Our students come from all backgrounds but typically are immigrants, minorities, or low-income students ages 15-35.


How it Works

Part 1 (Introductory Level): Students start by taking an introductory course (8 weeks in length) with us. In that course, they learn the basics of computer programming and receive instruction in either JavaScript or Ruby.

Part 2 (Intermediate Level): After the first course, students go on to take an intermediate course (12 weeks in length) with us that builds upon their rudimentary knowledge of JavaScript or Ruby language and starts to use various frameworks.  At this point, students begin to work on smaller projects.

Part 3  ( Labs Level): Once students become comfortable in a programming language, we offer students paid internships to work on a real-world applications with the help of industry mentors in order to build their portfolio and help them land jobs.

*Note: Classes are offered in Durham and Raleigh on a rotating basis.

What Makes Code the Dream Special

There is no one thing that makes Code the Dream special; seriously, we have a lot that we take pride in. Here's just a few things worth mentioning:

1.) Passionate instructors: The majority of our classes are taught by volunteer instructors who work in the industry and simply want to find ways to give back to the community while getting to teach topics that they love.

2.) Accessibility: We realize our students have a lot going in their lives, so we make sure to offer classes at times that does not interfere with the traditional 9-5 pm work week. Our classes are typically twice a week and are two hours in length--either two week nights or one week night and one morning of the weekend.

3.) Experiential Learning & Job Preparation : We know that experience is the golden ticket for our students to land programming jobs; that's why we offer paid internships to help prepare students for job interviews. We also offer resume, interview, and job search help for our students when desired.



What do Alumni & Current Students Have to Say?

“Code the Dream provided me with the foundation that is helping me shape my future. The skills I learned through the classes and the multiple phases of the program have allowed me to be very successful in my college career so far...” - Jafet A.

"Being a part of Code the Dream has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Code the Dream has given me many opportunities from offering the free classes I started out with to the job I now hold. It’s really a scary thing to make a commitment to learning a new skill at any age, but Code the Dream gave me an environment filled with people just like me..." - Cynthia R. 

"It's a program designed to help the people who need it most and those opportunities don't happen as much as people think. I never thought I could go back to school and better myself but Code the Dream made that possible. I have been working two jobs off and on for over two years trying to make a better life for my kids, and this program can help me do that..."  - Kasey T.

"Code The Dream is one of those rare and extraordinary programs. I am thankful for all the resources and opportunities it provides. I'd say it has impacted me to see getting a job in tech as a more attainable goal in my life..." - Andrea H.


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