Thank you to all our supporters!

Thank you to all of you across North Carolina and across the country whose donations make Code the Dream possible.

Your donation will allow us to expand Code the Dream to give more hard-working young people a real shot at the American Dream. I wish you could meet some of our students and see how excited they are to learn, how hard they work at it (often while holding down multiple jobs), and how thankful they are for the opportunity.

We are currently finishing up the application process for our incoming group of students. Our applicants include young people from all over the world – from Congo and Ghana to Romania and Bulgaria to Mexico, Honduras and Peru. Many have already faced long odds just to make it to the United States. So it can be crushing to realize that, despite what they had heard, many have no other option than to work exhausting, low-skilled jobs with no chance of a career and no prospects of a better life for their families. But of course, together, we are working to change that.

If you're not already a supporter, please consider becoming a monthly sustainer or making a one-time donation through our parent nonprofit, Uniting NC. Thank you!

Posted on January 15, 2015 .