Lift off

Here's the problem. Tech startups now embody the American Dream. Young people dream of getting a job with Google or starting the next Twitter. The creativity and entrepreneurial spirit behind these new technologies represent the best of our country. But large and growing parts of America are being left out.

In Silicon Valley and across the country respected companies like Google, Apple and Facebook are acknowledging their striking lack of diversity. And by failing to encourage smart young minds from all diverse communities to enter our most dynamic sector, we put the American Dream at risk for all of us.

But together we can start changing that. Code the Dream will provide a gateway to the tech sector for minority and immigrant youth.

In the first month, students will learn to code their first app. They will learn from mentors in the tech industry, meet startup founders and get a sense for how they could make their own dreams a reality -- by working on real world projects to benefit the community and learning what it means to be a professional software developer or one day start their own business.

Starting here in North Caroliina, we can lead the way -- growing the type of vibrant economy that can only flourish with the inclusion of all our diverse communities. Code the Dream is an opportunity for all of us.

Code the Dream is the product of an innovative partnership between Uniting NC, a nationally recognized leader in building successful, diverse communities, and the American Underground, one of the region's premier tech hubs.

Let's get started!

Posted on August 28, 2014 .