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What is Code the Dream? 

Code the Dream is a free nonprofit program for people interested in a career in tech. Students complete a series of mini-courses starting with programming basics and then building on those skills. From there you will learn to code your first apps. Along the way, you can learn from mentors and meet entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses. Finally, we offer students the chance to join 'CTD Labs', where you will get paid to work on apps for local nonprofits and small businesses, all while building up a portfolio of your own work to show to future schools or employers.

Who can apply?

Code the Dream is open to young people 15 to 30-ish. (But the application is short, and we've had successful students from a broad range of ages, so go for it!) As a free non-profit program, we are particularly interested in supporting low-income applicants or those from backgrounds currently underrepresented in tech, including women and minority and immigrant youth. But regardless of your background, we'd love to hear from you! Just fill out the simple application form below.

Information and timeline for December application process and 2018 programs

The first round of Code the Dream's 2018 programs will be based in Durham at the awesome American Underground tech and startup hub. But if Durham is not convenient for you, you can still fill out the application below, and you will be contacted when programs are available in your area.

December: Students interested in participating in Code the Dream in 2018 should apply now. The program is open to total beginners as well as those with some prior tech/coding experience.

January: All students who fill out the application form below will be contacted to come to an information sessions at the beginning of January. Students will be provided more program details as well as study materials as prep for the first classes. Individual interviews are conducted as the final step in the application process.

February: Beginning in February, accepted students begin classes. Classes meet twice a week during evenings or weekends to accommodate students' school and work schedules. The classroom portion of Code the Dream usually last 4 - 8 months depending on the track chosen by the student. From there, students are paid to work on building real apps for local nonprofits and small businesses -- a unique opportunity that allows students to really standout when applying for colleges/scholarships or going straight into their first tech careers.

All applicants who fill out the application below will have a chance to ask additional questions. Or contact us via our contact page.

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