As America changes, the tech industry has been slow to keep up. Over half our children born today are minorities, and 1 in 4 have an immigrant parent. Yet Silicon Valley and the U.S. tech economy remain remarkably non-diverse. And that amounts to a lot of missed opportunities for all of us.

Code the Dream recognizes that young people from minority and immigrant backgrounds have great ideas and will play a huge part in our 21st century economy. Already immigrants are more than twice as likely to start their own business, and those businesses create over 25% of new jobs.

Can you imagine if more people with that drive knew how to code? Together we can make it happen.


What students have to say about Code the Dream:

Our Team


Ramiro Rodriguez knows about the American Dream and he knows about coding. Originally from Mexico, Ramiro moved to the United States as a child and excelled in school. He majored in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Cornell and later returned for a Masters in Computer Science. Together with an amazing team of top-notch volunteer developers / mentors, he leads Code the Dream's teaching and project-based learning.

Dan Rearick coordinates Code the Dream and took his initial coding baby steps alongside the first Code the Dream participants. He has worked with low-income and immigrant communities in North Carolina since 2008. He is the Executive Director of Uniting NC and in 2013 was honored by the White House as a Champion of Change. Dan attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Harvard Law School.


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