As America changes, the tech industry has been slow to keep up. Over half our children born today are minorities, and 1 in 4 have an immigrant parent. Yet Silicon Valley and the U.S. tech economy remain remarkably non-diverse. And that amounts to a lot of missed opportunities for all of us.

Code the Dream recognizes that young people from minority and immigrant backgrounds have great ideas and will play a huge part in our 21st century economy. Already immigrants are more than twice as likely to start their own business, and those businesses create over 25% of new jobs.

Can you imagine if more people with that drive knew how to code? Together we can make it happen.


What students have to say about Code the Dream:

Our Team


Ramiro Rodriguez knows about the American Dream and he knows about coding. Originally from Mexico, Ramiro moved to the United States as a child and excelled in school. He majored in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Cornell and later returned for a Masters in Computer Science. Together with an amazing team of top-notch volunteer developers / mentors, he leads Code the Dream's teaching and project-based learning.

Dan Rearick coordinates Code the Dream and took his initial coding baby steps alongside the first Code the Dream participants. He has worked with low-income and immigrant communities in North Carolina since 2008. He is the Executive Director of Uniting NC and in 2013 was honored by the White House as a Champion of Change. Dan attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Harvard Law School.


Grace Martien is the Program Coordinator for Code the Dream. She is originally from Williamsburg, Virginia where she graduated from William and Mary. We are excited to have her on our team as a cheerfully dedicated and thoughtful intern from the Johnson Service Corps. She is passionate about serving others and excited to continue to grow more programs like Code the Dream for our surrounding neighbors. 

Jocelyn Casanova is originally from Veracruz, Mexico but grew up in the states since she was 3 years old. As part of her busy schedule, Jocelyn is working hard towards obtaining her Associates in Business Administration while minoring in computer programing. She enjoys meeting new people from all around the world and has the amazing ability to remember names. She is also an artist. We are glad to have her as our Outreach Cordinator 


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